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Lapox Banglegrip S High Pot Life Epoxy Adhesive System

Lapox Banglegrip S High Pot Life Epoxy Adhesive System

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  • Ideal For : Fixing gems, stones, zari and beads on bangles; Fixing stone mosaic, Making craft articles, Decorating metal bangles with pearls, Decorating metal bangles with gem stones
  • Product Type : High Pot Life Epoxy Adhesive
  • Included Components : 1 Set of Lapox Banglegrip S (including Resin & Hardener)
  • Product Description : A two-component, modified, solvent-less, viscous epoxy system. The product has a long pot life (250 – 300 minutes) to suit industry requirements. It can absorb fillers to make a paste thick. It exhibits good mechanical properties.

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This product is not eligible for returns (because it is a liquid item).

Care Instructions

• Do not swallow.
• Keep out of the reach of children.
• In case of an accident seek Doctor’s advice.
• Avoid contact with eyes and skin.
• Wear suitable protective clothing, gloves and eye/face protection while mixing and using.
• Avoid release to the environment.

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